FAQ for customers and prospects of GBDI

1) Does this announcement affect current GBDI customers?

There is no immediate impact to current customers as the OEM agreement between IBM and jSonar ensures technical support for many years to come. As an existing customer you also have the option to increase your GBDI entitlements as you are not subject to the recently announced IBM restrictions for new GBDI customers described below.

2) Do I need to be concerned about losing the ability for Guardium appliances to communicate with jSonar?

No, the protocol for transferring Guardium to jSonar uses standard Guardium Datamarts (DMs), which are a mainstream method for moving bulk data out of the appliances. These were not specially developed for jSonar and are used by a variety of non-jSonar use cases/customers and even IBM themselves for other solutions.

3) Will you begin to deprecate your support for Guardium while increasing focus on Imperva?

Absolutely not and in fact the total opposite is happening. Our platform is built around capturing raw activity data from a broad range of “sensors,” and Guardium continues to play an important role in the DAM market. We will always focus on helping Guardium clients increase the value of their DB security investments, while at the same time adding support for new and expanded capabilities while reducing cost.

4) What if I am a GBDI prospect?

IBM officially announced the End of Marketing for GBDI last month, as they have decided to pursue an alternative approach, and as a result the window of opportunity for new GBDI sales through IBM is closing quickly. Please check with your IBM account exec for more details on how this may affect you. As the developer of the much broader platform, a portion of which was OEM’d to IBM as GBDI, we are happy to work with you directly to help you better understand the additional capabilities jSonar offers and how it would help you modernize your DB security program.

5) How can I get more expertise on the platform?

We offer training as well as the opportunity to have one of our PS consultants assigned to you on a longer-term basis to help you with both classic support issues as well as more strategic plans. We also have introduced the option of hiring jSonar to manage the system for you, enabling your constrained resources to focus on higher value tasks.

6) I am expanding into the Cloud and looking for alternative data collection methods – can jSonar help?

Yes, we have developed extensive support for the major cloud DBaaS offerings (60+ DBMS) and continue to add to this list every month. Our innovative agentless approach is the fastest path for moving workloads to the cloud, while preserving the same controls as your on-prem solution. You will have a single enterprise view of all data assets, regardless of where they are hosted.

7) I have other data types that I would like to store in GBDI, but understand that this is not possible?

With the exception of metadata, the GBDI license does not allow customers to use GBDI for any data sources that are not generated by Guardium. However, the broader jSonar platform allows you to ingest data from a wide variety of sources, both in the DB security space and beyond. This is especially valuable as you need to merge risk indicators from Discovery, Classification, DAM, User Rights Management and Vulnerability Assessments in order to effectively manage DB risk. Customers are already leveraging data from Qualys, Tenable, Varonis, Dataguise, Imperva, Oracle and many other sources that are a perfect fit for our platform.

For further questions or sales inquiries contact info@jsonar.com.