Security for Snowflake

jSonar And Snowflake Collaborate To Extend Database Security Leadership For The Cloud

Delivering comprehensive security and compliance visibility for Snowflake customers

October 7, 2019 – jSonar, a leader in database security and DCAP (Data-Centric Audit and Protection) solutions, has expanded its database security and compliance platform to support Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud.

The jSonar platform delivers comprehensive support for cloud-native databases, along with traditional on-premise databases, and with today’s announcement jSonar supports over 35 different cloud databases – an unprecedented level of support across all three major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and GCP).“jSonar continues to expand coverage to support the increasingly diverse landscape of database platforms that companies are adopting as they migrate workloads to the cloud,” said Ron Bennatan, CTO and Co-Founder of jSonar. “Our industry leading security and compliance platform gives new meaning to the term ‘heterogeneous’ by seamlessly merging activity information from a broad range of database platforms into a single unified view of data access across the enterprise.”

“Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse is enjoying tremendous market adoption and growth as organizations recognize its key benefits in terms of cost, ease of use and flexibility,” said Christian Kleinerman, VP of Product at Snowflake. “Security and Compliance are critical priorities for Snowflake and we are pleased to be collaborating with jSonar to couple our rich security and compliance information with their proven database security solution. By incorporating jSonar into our ecosystem, we are making it even easier for enterprise organizations to migrate key workloads to the cloud by seamlessly extending their existing database security and compliance controls to Snowflake.“

The jSonar platform unifies security activity from a variety of disparate database sources, including cloud and on-premise, into a single view of all database activity across the enterprise. Customers are able to apply a consistent set of policies and reporting decoupled from the activity data collection methods. Beyond traditional compliance reporting, the platform also delivers powerful pre-built UEBA engines that leverage AI and Machine Learning technology to rapidly isolate behavioral anomalies unique to data access and based on detailed parsing of the underlying SQL.

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